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We all love travelling and leisure in the global world, it’s the most amazing thing in the lifes of everyone to have a visit on the most amazing places in the world that we cant avoid to be before we die. Most of these places become a source of adventure and interest to be part of them giving an amazing view of our living. Here are a few travel and leisure ideas.

The 24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Once In Your Life.

San Alfonso – a crystalline water pool. The Neptune pool in America Joule pool- a roof pool and a bar with hangs over edge building. Hanging gardens pool-in the Indonesian jungle. Marina bay sands pool- vanishing edge pools in the planet. Holiday inn pool (shanghai)- has the amazing glass bottom 24 stories above the ground. The library pool- the infamous red pool. Beach escape pool- congress hall Liostasi ios hotel and spa – Greece. Biltmore hotel pool. Infinity pool on 55 – storey maring bay sand hotel in Singapore. Infinity pool in Bali. Infinity pool in khummala, Phuket, Thailand.

Infinity pool in Indonesia. Infinity pool in Philippines. Infinity pool Dhigufinoly Island on south male’ atoll. Infinity pool in Mexico. Infinity pool at the Kia Ora hotel on Rangiroa. Infinity pools in wind ward islands. Infinity pool in Acuatico beach resort, Philippines. Infinity pool in Izmir turkey. Infinity pool in Maldives Infinity pool in Sardinia.

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7 Can’t Miss Experiences When Visiting England

7 Can’t Miss Experiences When Visiting England 2

7 Experiences You Can’t Miss When Visiting England

If your travels are taking you to England, there are some things you definitely should not miss. The castles, countryside, and the mystery of Stonehenge are all wonderful sights that should be explored when journeying through England. Plan your time wisely, and try to visit as many places as you can on this list.

Enjoy the Country and Open Plains

Tourists who enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing, or bird watching can indulge in these outdoor activities with a visit to the Seven Sisters Country Park. Located by the English Channel at South Downs National Park, these chalk cliffs runs about 700 acres across.

Check Out the Social and Environmental Projects

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World’s 8 Best Waterfalls


World's 8 Best Waterfalls 1

Waterfalls are no doubt one of the most beautiful natural wonders our planet has to offer. They create a breath taking and simply over whelming scene with sound of gallons of water splashing as it pours into a river at the bottom creating a unique sound, nature’s own voice that you can never hear anywhere else. 

The truth is there a lot of waterfalls around the world and each carries its own beauty, no matter how small. That is why this list should only be taken as a summary, counting down from the bottom, of some of the must visit places in the world. These are therefore some of the world’s breath taking waterfall scenes and not a final conclusion of the best waterfalls the world has to offer.

8. Jog Falls

The Jog falls is found in India and is one of the highest waterfalls in the country, with water falling down a height of 253 meters. It is created by River Sharavathi and mainly comes to life during the rainy season. The best time to visit this place is during the Monsoon Season.

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6 Great Getaways For Your Family

6 Great Getaways For Your Family 2

After a long and stressful week, what’s next? A wonderful, relaxing and stress free weekend with your family and loved ones. If you are you looking for the perfect weekend getaways ideas, you are at the right place. In this article, I will bring you up to speed with some few weekend getaway ideas;

Weekend getaway ideas

Beach Time!

Nothing will be more soothing than the sight of blue water, waves, beautiful beach and a cool breeze. Whether old or young, most of us would definitely love a small trip to the nearest beach to capture a glimpse at the blue waters and deep their feet in it. So this weekend, hit the beach but not the one next to your house. Spend the night in a tent, make a bonfire to keep warm and get that picnic feeling. Moreover, you do not have to burn you money through paying for expensive rooms in hotels. In addition, you do not have to plan anything when going for a beach trip. It is one of the last minute ideas. That is why it’s so spectacular.


Take your car and go on a nice road trip with your family. All you need to do is plan where you are going, gather up all the necessities, gas up your car and push off. Moreover, you do not need to book an expensive hotel to stay, a simple sleeping bag and a tent are good enough.

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Why Mozambique Should Be Your Next Destination

Why Mozambique Should Be Your Next Destination 1

Mozambique is a small country located in East Africa with a population of about 27 million. Ethnic population is an outcome of migrations that have been taking place since ages. No single ethnic group is dominant and each has its own culture and language. English and Portuguese are widely spoken and understood by majority of the residents. Its long coastline composed of islands and beaches is a paradise. The Indian Ocean waters are calm and warm with crystal clear views, living coral reefs and other creations that produce perfect sea food.

The Archipelagos

Bazaruto and Quirimbas are the two major archipelagos that have a good developed tourist infrastructure. The privacy and freedom here are comparable to other top destination in the whole world.

Quirimbas archipelago is located in the north with Pemba coastal town as its gateway. It comprise of twenty five small islands that offer privacy like no other place making it convenient for honeymoons and weddings. Snorkelling, diving, fishing, dhow safaris and island hopping are the possible activities in this area.

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