Turn the Lights of Dalaran on with Windle Sparkshine

4 Responses to “Turn the Lights of Dalaran on with Windle Sparkshine”


  1. Mabaho says:

    Oh, that is nearly the coolest thing I’ve heard in ages. Will have to check this out!

  2. Hyperious says:

    I always liked the little flavor things Blizzard threw into WoW. This one’s a good one, and the Gnome Mage… what’s his name?

    Something Manabonk. The guy who randomly turns people into a sheep in Dalaran, then sends them a sheep-wand in the mail a little bit later.

    That guy rules.

    My wife used to search high and low for him, and when she saw him, she’d chase him and /say “Ooh, pick me! Pick me! PICK ME!!!”

    Occasionally, he’d listen.

    *Poof* “Baaaaaa”

  3. navimie says:

    Omg that is so cool! I must go see it. Dalaran is such a cool place!

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