My Disappointing Visit to Barum

3 Responses to “My Disappointing Visit to Barum”


  1. Serrah says:

    Oi Chicka, you gotta make sure it’s not set for lock stuff. The 2 sets you want are orig priesty stuffs, those drop down thingies they added with MoP mean you have to change to show all view. ;)

    • Pando says:

      Oh really, I had no clue.
      Are the drop down thingies on the vendor?
      OMG I so happy this means I can get them next month woot woot!!!!!
      Thanks girl :)

  2. Anoukisse says:

    Which of your toons did you go talk to him with? My vendor window now automatically chooses “warlock” when I’m on my warlock, so I have to manually click “all” from the drop down menu in his window to see all the nice stuff he’s selling. Just a hint. Hopefully that will do it! :)

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