Scotty the Sprite

6 Responses to “Scotty the Sprite”


  1. Jojo says:

    Nice screenshots :)

  2. navimie says:

    Woo! Great pics Pando! Better than my accidental pull and oh crap quick take some screenshots panic.

    • Pando says:

      I know you said he agros so I tried to be sneaky :) Didn’t work so well the first time so I went back for round 2. That little bugger is fast lol!

      Thank’s again for the post. I never would of known about him without it and I sure do love my transform items in WOW. The hubby and friends thought it was cool!

  3. Erinys says:

    I just wish that it didn’t break on combat. Being able to bounce around in pvp as Scotty would be wonderful.

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