Pando Signing off

6 Responses to “Pando Signing off”


  1. Kaitz says:

    awww noooo! Hope RL calms down so you can come back to us <3 All the best!


  2. Rioriel says:

    Aw, I’ll miss reading your thoughts and sunny outlook on all your adventures. Have a great time out there in RL! Never be afraid to step away, it’s nice to take a break for a while and focus on other this, I’m sure we’ve all been there. Not having the time now doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER have the time, so fingers crossed you can return. Hugs, rio x

  3. Cymre says:

    Best of luck Pando. Hope things settle down for you in the near future. It’s been fun reading all your adventures and your enthusiastic comments when you come to visit are infectious :)

  4. Samaramon says:

    You’ll be back. Right? Right?!

    Either way, best of luck and hope life treats you well :)

  5. navimie says:

    Will miss your blog Pando! I hope I can catch you in game:)

  6. Classy says:

    Awwww Pando I will miss you! I will keep stopping by :)

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