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The Best Places To Visit In Dubai

The Best Places To Visit In Dubai 1

Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirate, has the glitziest, widest and the tallest building on earth called Burj Khalifa. Here, you will find the world’s fastest lift. You can carry your camera and take the spectacular view during sunset where you get to see the city both at night and day from the top of the building. From manmade islands, underwater hotels to buildings artistically structured, Dubai is the ideal city for travelers looking for a luxurious vacation.

Stop at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and eat a great breakfast or brunch with a twist. It’s an amazing place for cross-cultural understanding just like the name suggests. If you have any questions about Islam, this is the right place to get the correct answers. You also have a chance to buy a camel chocolate on your way out.

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Motorcycle Vietnam – The Great Four Passes in the North

Motorcycle Vietnam – The Great Four Passes in the North  1

“The Great Four Passes” is the name adventurous travellers in Vietnam called for the four most dangerous but full of wild beauty passes in the west north of Vietnam. They are: Ma Pi Leng Pass, Pha Din Pass, O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Pha Pass. These are “the most wanted to conquer passes” of motorcycle travellers seeking for adventure in Vietnam. These passes were famous for not only the spectacular beauty but also the high challenges, and even the tragic accident.

Mã Pí Lèng Pass

Mã Pí Lèng is a mountain pass connecting between Dong Van and Meo Vac town in Ha Giang Province, with the length approximates to 20 kilometers, at an altitude of above 1,500 meters compared with sea level. The pass has many twists and turns, with high cliffs on one side, steep abyss river were right next to the other side of the road. Dangerous, but the pass is also full of dramatic landscape. The time for the trip should be around September when rice terraces in ripen season or in late October to early November when “tam giac mach” flowers blooming all over the fields make a beautiful scenery.

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Get Your Ducks in a Row: 3 Tips for Canadians Travelling to the United States

The United States is a close neighbour and likely travel destination for Canadians. Knowing the border entry basics is important to avoid delays or denial. Nothing ruins a holiday like being told you aren’t welcome in the country.

Rubber Duck

#1 Get Your Passport

First thing is to make sure you have a valid Canadian passport. There was a time when Canadian could enter the US with just your driver’s license. Those days are long gone. Everyone needs a passport. Making sure it is still valid is something to check into while you still have a chance to renew or reapply if it expired a few years ago. Be careful too, it is expiring soon. Most countries don’t like people travelling on passports that have less than 6 months remaining before they expire.

Getting a passport for Canadians isn’t as difficult at it use to be. Line ups aren’t nearly as long and the processing requirements are less. If you don’t live in a major city you will probable need to mail in your paperwork so allow extra time in the application process. Don’t forget to look suitably miserable for your passport picture, everyone else does.

#2 Know Your Past

Not everyone has lived a squeaky clean life. Minor talks with the police may have left a mark on your permanent record. At the border, they will be checking. What may seem like a minor incident here in Canada can be viewed as a reason to deny you at the border. If you know there is something on your record or aren’t sure, don’t use the border as a way to find out for sure. Ending up on a no entry list will stick with you for a long time.

Check before you go. If there is something from your past you may be able to get a US entry waiver. This will smooth over the border process. It may not be possible to clear your record but your vacation plans won’t be ruined.

#3 Are Those Your Kids?

The family vacation includes the kids. Crossing the border can have some sticky bits. Border protection watches for children that shouldn’t be crossing the border especially if they are travelling with only one parent. If you have custody arrangements that are informal or formal or even if only one of you is travelling it is good to have all your paperwork with you. Contact information for the other parent and make sure they know where you are going with the kids is also a good idea. This can seem excessive but it is to protect children as you would want your protected in an emergency.

Bonus Tip: People are Doing Their Job

Busy holiday times can make the waits at border long. The people working at the border are doing their job and they are protecting their country. They want to do it right. This can take time and they probably aren’t picking on you specifically. Be patient. Have your paperwork ready and keep things simple. You want to get to the good part of the holiday not take extra time at the border.

6 Things to Do in Italy

6 Things to Do in Italy 2

Italy is a beautiful place with plenty of things to see and do. If you are planning a visit to Italy, there are certain things you should do before you head home. Make sure you plan enough time for your vacation to do as much as you can on this list.

Skip the Gondola, and Go for a Ride on the Vaporetto

Most visitors to Venice believe that the most romantic thing to do is to take a ride on a gondola down the canals. Rather than spending money on something believed to be over-rated, consider taking a ride on the vaporetto. Unlike the gondolas, these are large bus-like boats that follow regular routes along the canals. For the best experience, take one from one end of its route to the other, and try to get a seat with a view.

Don’t Miss Out on a Chance to See “The Last Supper” in Milan

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Unique: Travel & Leisure


Unique Travel & Leisure 1

We all love travelling and leisure in the global world, it’s the most amazing thing in the lifes of everyone to have a visit on the most amazing places in the world that we cant avoid to be before we die. Most of these places become a source of adventure and interest to be part of them giving an amazing view of our living. Here are a few travel and leisure ideas.

The 24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Once In Your Life.

San Alfonso – a crystalline water pool. The Neptune pool in America Joule pool- a roof pool and a bar with hangs over edge building. Hanging gardens pool-in the Indonesian jungle. Marina bay sands pool- vanishing edge pools in the planet. Holiday inn pool (shanghai)- has the amazing glass bottom 24 stories above the ground. The library pool- the infamous red pool. Beach escape pool- congress hall Liostasi ios hotel and spa – Greece. Biltmore hotel pool. Infinity pool on 55 – storey maring bay sand hotel in Singapore. Infinity pool in Bali. Infinity pool in khummala, Phuket, Thailand.

Infinity pool in Indonesia. Infinity pool in Philippines. Infinity pool Dhigufinoly Island on south male’ atoll. Infinity pool in Mexico. Infinity pool at the Kia Ora hotel on Rangiroa. Infinity pools in wind ward islands. Infinity pool in Acuatico beach resort, Philippines. Infinity pool in Izmir turkey. Infinity pool in Maldives Infinity pool in Sardinia.

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Tired of Normal Hotels? How About These Top 3 Eco-Lodges in Ecuador

Tired of Normal Hotels How About These Top 3 Eco-Lodges in Ecuador 1

Booking normal hotels is too mainstream, how about Eco lodges? Have you planned to have fun while at the same time conserving the environment? Ecuador is the place for you. The country is fortunate enough to have a slice of the great Amazon Forest. The hospitality industry has capitalized on this and has built jungle lodges that combine scenic and adventurous escapades to travellers who intend to explore the jungle, conserve the environment and do research at the same time. Article 36 reveals the isolated wonderlands of Ecuador. Look at the top three.

Black sheep Inn Chugchilan, Cotopaxi.

What makes this lodge different from a cave is the architectural precision in designing a hotel built from renewable materials like rocks, adobe, grass and eucalyptus. Surprisingly, it boasts for its zero waste output. Overall, the sophistication and finesse that technology brings in the finishing of this Eco lodge will awe you because to a nonprofessional, this integration is close to impossible. Yet this lodge makes the dream perfection.

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